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The Macedon Ranges Renewable Energy Action Group aims to to accelerate the transition of the Macedon Ranges to renewable energy. To do this, we work across three areas.

The largest project continues to be putting the pieces together for the community wind farm in the pine plantation south of Woodend. There have been a series of discussions with key stakeholders - potential commercial partners in the project, government representatives to progress the access to land and statutory planning issues, and with the landholders. The community wind farm project has been worked on by MRSG volunteers for ten years, and it is still a work in progress!

The second area of work is exploring a number of solar-based renewable energy projects with community organisations, the council, and even Holgate’s brewery. This builds on the previous project assistance to Woodend Primary School, Woodend Cricket Club and the up and running solar project at the Black Forest Timber Mill.

Finally, we have a number of our members who are well connected across similar organisations and are drawing resources from those networks to assist our project planning.



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