A challenge: make your home more sustainable with $50

Sustainable homes don’t cost the earth! A quick look at the high-tech products available to create eco-friendly homes would suggest that you need plenty of the folding stuff to live well, and that’s not the reality for most of us.

As a follow up to Sustainable House Day I want to issue a challenge: how can we make our homes more environmentally friendly, cheaper to run and more comfortable to live in – for just $50?

A State Government promotion is offering a $50 incentive for using Victorian Energy Compare. Claim the bonus and invest it to reduce your household’s energy use.

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VEGers tell all at Farmer's Market

Did you know that reducing your meat and dairy intake may be the most effective way you can act to stop the impending climate disaster?

In a recently published article in The Guardian, findings of a new Oxford University study were outlined:whilst meat and dairy production provides just 18% of calories and 37% of protein, it uses the vast majority – 83% – of farmland and produces 60% of agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions”.

OK, so it’s time to change. But how, you say? What should I cook? Will my kids/partner/guests eat it? What about my health and fitness? What about when I go out?

MRSG VEG group members Heather and Suzanne will be at the MRSG tent at this Saturday’s Farmer’s Market to discuss everything you need to know to get started on a plant-rich diet.

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Sustainable Homes Action Group - Member Survey Closing Soon

Help us tailor the Sustainable Homes Action Group to suit your needs!

We are conducting a survey to find out what our members and potential members would like from the group. As an incentive to participate, we will be conducting a prize draw and giving away a copy of “Your Home” which is a fantastic compilation of information about designing, building and maintaining homes.

The survey will take about 10  minutes to complete. Will you help?

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Have your say on the draft Macedon Ranges Biodiversity Strategy

The biodiversity found in the Macedon Ranges is unique and highly significant. The varying topography, range of altitudes and localised climatic patterns results in many diverse ecosystems hosting a wide range of native plants and animals. The shire is fortunate to have extensive native vegetation and rich biodiversity present on public and private land.

The Macedon Ranges Biodiversity Strategy establishes a shared vision between Council, the community and other stakeholders for the protection and enhancement of biodiversity values across the shire. It identifies a number of policy and planning initiatives well as priorities for community engagement, on ground action and monitoring change.

Council is seeking your input and feedback on the draft strategy until Sunday 21 October 2018.

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David Gormley-O'Brien
Terrific turn out for the Lorax movie

Over 40 children with their parents and grandparents attended the screening of the Lorax at the Woodend Community Centre on Saturday 8th September. The Lorax is an enchanting and haunting story by Dr Suess about the folly of unbridled consumption and the need for each one of us to act now if we wish to live in a world of beauty and nature.

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