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Want to do more to address climate change in your local community?

Council is setting up a new program, Cool Changes, to facilitate the development of local climate change action plans across the shire. They are looking for residents’ input on a range of topics in a short survey. What do you see as priorities? How much does consideration of the environment direct your everyday actions? Do we have time to act or is this a crisis? Add your voice!

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Equity-based crowd fund to help Holgate brewhouse to go solar

Paul and Natasha Holgate have some exciting news to announce: the opportunity for members of the community to buy shares in their business via an equity-based crowd fund to the public. In that way people can invest in solar and in Holgate brewhouse.

Join them at Holgate Brewhouse this Friday 2 August from 5pm for nibbles and $7 pints of Draught Lager and Mt Macedon Pale Ale - and hear their special announcement at 7pm.

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Visit to Wind Farm at Coonooer Bridge

Five brave MRSG members and eight unconvinced local residents from around our proposed energy park set out last Saturday (July 27) to visit the Coonooer Bridge Wind Farm. Coonooer Bridge is operated by Windlab, MRSG’s partner in the proposed energy park in HVP’s pine forest plantation around 6 km south of Woodend, and is a similar scale to our project. Coming out of a meeting with residents in May, Windlab offered to show residents a wind facility

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Be part of Sustainable House Day action from late August

Sustainable House Day depends on the work of a sizeable number of volunteers, from homeowners to the people who brave the cold to “man” the farmers’ market stand in August and September. The more helpers, the more fun we all have!

We’re looking for volunteers to help publicise the event so the local “open homes” get lots of visitors, and can share local experience in making homes more comfortable, more affordable and more sustainable.

Could you help for a couple of hours?

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Sustainable House Day is Coming!

Sustainable House Day is a big day for MRSG, especially for the Sustainable Homes Action Group. It’s a day when we share ideas and experience about how to make our homes more comfortable, more energy efficient and cheaper to run - and of course, better for the planet! Three local households have already “stepped up” and offered to open on Sunday September 15th, and we are hoping to see a couple more register soon.

We’re on the lookout for people wanting to help make SHD2019 another success for MRSG, with a variety of jobs and levels of involvement. Could you join us?

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