Community Energy Park - update 19/12/18

MRSG’s Renewable Energy Action Group (MRREAG)  has been working on our vision for a Community Energy Park and have intensified our efforts as a result of the encouragement we have had from Mary Anne Thomas MP and other members of the state government following the recent election. Some of the reports we will be required to produce for the formal planning period are specialist and expensive exercises, and we have recently chosen a development partner - Windlab Ltd - who will fund these planning works.

Initiated by former CSIRO Scientists, Windlab has built a number of renewable energy projects around Australia and has recently been building a project with similar components envisaged for the Macedon Ranges vision - wind and solar energy with battery storage, with community equity and investment opportunity. The Kennedy Energy Park is located near Hughenden in north west Queensland. (cf. ) MRREAG is obviously hoping to draw on that experience to turn our long held vision into a practical project plan over the next eighteen months or so.