Sustainable Living Festival Survey Still Open!

Wow, so many inspiring and encouraging conversations about the vision for the Sustainable Living Festival over the last couple of weeks. I’m filled with a sense of possibility about the festival as a catalyst for social change, connecting a broad range of community groups under the common aspiration of sustainable living. We have a great community, the wonderful experience and structure of the MRSG, we can lead Victoria in sustainable living! 

Warm thanks to all for completed surveys and conversations. 

An ongoing SLF Action Group will provide continuity and clarity of purpose. It’s great that several people have expressed an interest in being part of it. 

A reminder: there will be a variety of ways to be part of the action – we want people to contribute in ways that match their interests and skills, and their time and energy.

You will be invited soon to our one-off New Directions for the SLF session, we'd love you to come.

If you haven’t already, please add your ideas this week by completing the survey here: 

I’ve extended the deadline, please complete the survey. Long or short, pondered or dashed off, all responses are welcomed. 

If you prefer to talk than write, text Alice right now on 0400 068 551 and set up a time for a conversation instead. I’m very happy to take notes.

Alice Aird 0400 068 551