VEG Group kick starts newsletter for 2019

The MRSG VEG group has kick started its newsletter series for 2019 which goes out to one hundred of MRSG’s members. Yes that is a lot of people wanting More Veg, More Often in their diet.

The newsletter features recipe ideas, events, tips for reducing your meat consumption and some information about the links between eating more VEG and better health.

It also has a link to M.R. VEG’s survey - which only takes 3 minutes, to find out why people joined and what activities they’d like for the year.

If you are not already on the VEG mailing list, but want to join us, have no fear. You can join the VEG mailing list HERE to get future newsletters. You can also see our current newsletter HERE.

Here’s to a weekend filled with good VEG food!

VEGClaire RowlandVEG