The Thunberg Address was a call to ACT

Greta Thunberg addressed the United Nations Climate Action Summit on the 23rd September 2019.

Her speech was factual and emotional, imploring the world leaders to listen to the climate scientists.  The climate scientists have declared a Global Climate Emergency. The twin crisis of climatic breakdown and the loss of biodiversity are the most serious issue of our time. We are heading towards an eminent extinction if we continue business as usual.

While this is alarming and depressing for the younger generations in particular, by our own actions we can build hope. She drew a line in the sand with a powerful rallying call for the global community to act ... NOW! 

There are only 2 options:

WE - as a global community, believe in creating a sustainable future for the entire ECO system by acting as one.


YOU - solo EGO holding your own self interest (money & power) above those of everybody else, while wilfully destroying the earth and the future for us all.

Only by action can we connect communities, only by action can we build hope in our young people, only by action can we create change. We are in a wonderful position to create change.

“The future is changing whether you like it our not” Greta Thunberg

Action Groups

WE are so fortunate in the Macedon Ranges to already have our Sustainability Group working hard for our community. We already have a wide range of Action Groups full of enthusiastic volunteers and new Action Groups are forming all the time. There are a huge range of projects to be involved in so if you are feeling despairing or would like some help join an Action Group today.