Wicking Beds

How to maintain a luscious garden in a hot, dry climate?  After the recent hottest days ever recorded we wonder how our edible gardens will survive.  Wicking beds are a simple idea on how to have a productive garden with simple techniques which will save on water and improve drainage. Wicking beds are a water saving method for growing healthy, fresh vegetables with minimal effort.

Water-stress is equally debilitating on plants and us, plants become stunted and fibrous and we become cranky and frustrated.  MRSLF Speaker Christine Hardiman, has managed the wicking beds in the Kyneton Community Garden for 2 years and is very familiar with their construction and use. She will share her knowledge and expertise at the Macedon Ranges Sustainable Living Festival this March 2nd. Christine is a member of the Kyneton Transition Hub which is part of the world wide Transition Town movement. This is presented in collaboration with the Permaculture Garden Action Group