An active composting system allows us to continue the nutrient cycle of our gardening enterprise, closing the loop on waste creation by managing our organic waste on-site. We also avoid the introduction of external pests and disease into our growing system.

Composting can be hot or cold but must include aerobic decomposition this reduces smells and stops the production of CH4 (methane). This means that the compost may require turning as it starts to compact, hot compost generally requires this cold compost may not but is a much slower process. The resulting humus can be used to  improve our soils structure and overall health. Using the compost in a thick layers slows the CO2 cycling locking up the carbon for longer than a shallow application, it also encourages an active soil bioculture.

On the 2nd March at the Macedon Ranges Sustainability Festival in Woodend we will be discussing composting and it´s role in waste management and sustainability , please come and talk to us.