Microscope for detecting Bee diseases goes into action

The Woodend Bee-Friendly Society has recently acquired a powerful microscope for the detection of honeybee diseases, in particular Nosema, which has the potential to devastate local honeybee populations and thereby severely impact the pollination services so critical for many agricultural enterprises in the Macedon Ranges. Once Nosema is detected, the beekeeper can take productive steps to reduce the effects of the disease and ensure the health of his/her hives. The acquisition of the microscope was made possible via a Small Community Grant of $1,500 from the Macedon Ranges Shire Council who recognize WBFS’s commitment to honeybee bio-security and its role in promoting sustainable, local agriculture.

In the photo taken at the Woodend Permaculture Garden are: (Back) David Gormley-O’Brien (Treasurer, MRSG) and Cr Jennifer Anderson (Mayor); (Front) Emma Collins (WBFS action group leader) and Paul Green (WBFS bio-security officer).

WBFSDavid Gormley-O'Brien