Message from the President - 17th May 2019


As we go to the polling booths on election day, Saturday 18th May 2019, to choose our representatives for the next federal government I ask that you take into serious consideration your preferred party’s or candidate’s policies regarding human-induced climate change mitigation and adaptation. We are too late to stop climate change. The effects are being felt already and have increasingly been so for some time, as many farmers and fire-fighters will tell you, but the majority of scientific opinion is that we are still in a position to limit its severity provided that we take drastic action now to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Therefore please do your research before exercising your precious right in voting and consider each potential candidate/party’s policies regarding curbing emissions, the uptake of renewable energy, the transition to a more sustainable economy, adapting our agriculture, use of water etc in light of climate change. Australia, as a nation, has a very disappointing record in recent years in these areas compared with several other countries which are taking climate change seriously. As the recent world-wide student demonstrations have emphasised, a climate change denying position and business-as-usual approach threatens the security and viability of all human lives. We owe it to our children and future generations to act now for the common good.

David Gormley-O’Brien

Useful Links

  1. Macedon Ranges Shire Council reports and policies on climate change, including a Regional Climate Adaptation Plan

  2. Joint statement from former senior fire and emergency service leaders calling for stronger action on climate change, warning that worsening extreme weather is threatening Australian lives.

  3. Factsheet of climate policies of major Australian political parties from the Climate Council.