Speed limit on the Avenue of Honour

TAG - Transport Action Group (a recently formed sub-group within the Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group - MRSG) advocates for  sustainable transport solutions for the whole community. We have a diverse membership from retirees to young families, long term and new residents. We are guided by the latest industry, scientific and governmental reports on sustainability, health and safety. 

In 2018 VicRoads held a community consultation regarding the former Calder Hwy. The Hwy changed designation and use following the construction of the Bypass. It is now deemed a “Collector Road” - A Collector Road is low to moderate capacity road which serves to move traffic from local streets to arterial roads. Unlike arterials, Collector Roads are designed to provide access to residential properties. Calder Hwy was renamed Black Forest Road and Avenue of Honour at either end when the bypass was completed. There has been overwhelming support for safety measures and speed reduction as is the default course of action following a bypass. Since then the Woodend community has endured a number of fatalities. As Woodend has grown, more school buses, walkers, cyclists frequent the roads. Residential driveways line the roads, children, pets, slow moving vehicles, wildlife and stock all spill out onto the road. 

On the Avenue of Honour the present speed limit is 100 km/hr yet the default speed limit on the VicRoads website in a built up area is 50 km/hr.


The TAC are currently running a ‘Towards Zero Campaign’ - a new approach to Road Safety. They have identified Rural Roads as having the highest number of fatalities. 4 x higher than other roads accounting for 65% of the road toll. ½ of these fatalities are at speeds at/over 100km/hr. Reducing speed drastically increases our tolerance for survival and a change from 100km to 60kms along the Avenue of Honour (from the freeway exit into Woodend Township amounts to seconds added to the journey. 


The ARSF Australian Road Safety Foundation are also running campaigns to stop deaths on rural roads. 


Reducing speed limit creates a safe environment for incidental exercise (to and from school/work/shops/services) by supporting Active Transport for the whole community. It is now being recognised by Urban Planners that the built environment has a profound influence on our health. Local roads represent gateways and connections for an active community. By maintaining this dangerous speed limit, 100kms, we are preventing safe community activity along these corridors. ‘A connected, accessible and safe transport and movement network is essential in supporting the principles of Healthy by Design’ - Heart Foundation

Avenue of Honour is within the extent of the Town boundary, it is less than 2kms from the Woodend Primary School it exists as a main potential feeder for school children participating in the ‘Walk/Cycle/Scoot to School’, a current Victorian Government initiative throughout the month of October. 


We have a responsibility in the Macedon Ranges to create a safer environment to encourage Active Transport in line with the rest of Victoria’s efforts.

DELWP - 20 min Neighbourhoods - Plan Melbourne


VicRoads needs to listen to the evidence on this one and before more inevitable deaths and injuries. VicRoads - Movement and Place