Save the Date! Sunday September 15 is Sustainable House Day 2019

Sunday September 15 has been announced as the date for Sustainable House Day 2019. Mark it in your diary and check back here for updates.

Are you keen to share your home’s sustainable features with others? SHD is a great opportunity to help others learn from your experiences

Feedback from some homeowners who participated in 2018:

“Make a huge impact on society by sharing knowledge and showing others how to build smarter homes, lets make silly houses a thing of the past!”

We had no idea what to expect being our first year and were pleasantly surprised. We thought that there would be a lot of people just coming for a sticky beak but most were really interested and seeking information and ideas. We would like to see more people in this area opening their homes.”

“Sustainable House Day was a great way to showcase how easy it can be to have a sustainable home, to share what we’ve learnt, and to get some lovely feedback on our home :)”

“Many people who visited our home were at the start of their home improvement journey. It’s a great feeling knowing that we might have influenced them in adding a sustainable feature or two.”

“Opening our home for SHD 2018 was an extremely rewarding experience. Being able to inform and help others to live more sustainably is a privilege and a joy and over the years we have found people becoming more informed and complimentary.”

Sue Barker