Where do I recycle that?

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Ever get confused about what you can recycle and where it should go?

The Waste Action Group is here to help.

Plastic containers with codes 1 - 7 go into your household recycling bin.

Soft plastic (anything you can scrunch up) can be put into the RedCycle container at Coles or Woolworths. This includes rinsed pet food pouches, chip packets, large pet food and compost bags, and bubble wrap cut to A3 size. Here is the full list of what you can send to RedCycle:

Batteries: Drop off to the Woodend Farmer’s Market, Woodend Library (by the Council Reception Desk) and the Transfer station for free.

Aluminium foil: Can go into your household recycling, but REMEMBER it must be clean and scrunched into a ball no smaller than a golf ball.

Fluorescent light globes: Take to the transfer station for free.

Printer Toner: Can be dropped into a collection bin at the Woodend Neighbourhood House, or check your nearest print centre or Post Office to see if they collect.

E-Waste: Take the following items to the Transfer station for no cost

  • Mobile phones & cables

  • Televisions, radios, video players, DVD players, videos and any general electronic household items including cables.

For more information about what you can recycle where, visit the Macedon Ranges Shire Council website:

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