About M.R.V.E.G

Our vision is to promote More VEG More Often as an important contribution to sustainability and protection of the environment.

The Macedon Ranges VEG Eating Group (MR VEG) is open to anyone interested in the experience of preparing and eating VEG food (Vegetarian, Vegan and whole foods plant-based). You do not have to be a vegetarian or vegan to participate, just interested in eating More VEG, More Often.

We run a recipe exchange, social events and educational activities. Look out for M.R. VEG food tent at the Woodend Community Farmer's Market from 9am - 1pm on the first Saturday of the month. Contact us on veg@mrsg.org.au to find out more.

Leadership Team

Claire Rowland

Chitra and Hridayan Stern

Cathy Thesing

Heather Steele

Lucy Campbell

Why VEG?

Here are some interesting websites looking at why we should eat more veg more often:

WhyVeg An Australian web resource exploring the three main reasons people may choose more veg more often: animal welfare, health and sustainability. It has some great advice on making the transition to a vegetarian diet.

Vegetarian Society This website from the UK looks at the sustainability, ethical and health reasons for reducing your meat intake. It includes health and nutrition info and plenty of recipes. Worth a stop by.