Woodend Community Farmers' Market Saturday 5th January 2019


Time-slots taken / available

(Updated every 24 hrs)

Market van to site in the morning:

1.     Peter Lane

Market van from site in the afternoon:

1.     Peter Lane

Market Morning setup from 7 am:

1.      Peter Lane (Volunteer lead)

2.     Michael Berechree

3.     Liana Quach

4.     Jon Morgan

5.     Catherine Stern (Smoothie Stall)

6. Still available, please sign up


9am - 11am: Priya Stern, Grace Keath and Suzie Cockle

11am - 1pm: Priya Stern, Grace Keath and Suzie Cockle

Information Stall:

9am - 11am: David Gormley-O'Brien - Catherine Stern

11am - 1pm: David Gormley-O'Brien - Catherine Stern

Cup Washing Stall:

9am - 11am: Still available, please sign up

11am - 1pm: Cathy Thesing and Suzanne

Market Afternoon pack down from 1 PM:

1.      Peter Lane (Volunteer lead)

2.      Cathy Thesing

3.     Suzanne from Germany

4.      Ralf Thesing

5. Still available, please sign up

On the day.

Thank you for volunteering with the Woodend Community Farmers’ Market. Here are a few tips on how to make your day more enjoyable and perhaps safer too.

Wear clothing suitable for the day.

Work gloves.

  • Work gloves is a good idea regardless of the weather. We handle metal poles and tables with sharp corners, not to mention plastic chairs that can pinch your fingers.

Sturdy shoes.

  • Expect everything from dry to wet conditions.

Torch or headlight.

  • During the winter months the under croft is very dark.

Sun screen.

  • Summer is great but can also burn you to a crisp. Latest research says we can get a sunburn in even less sunlight than earlier thought.

Loose clothing such as scarfs.

  • We do not have rotating machinery, but it is always a good idea to NOT wear loose hanging clothes as you might get caught on something.

If in doubt, ask.

  • There are many seasoned volunteers at the market. We would rather you ask one too many times than one too few.

Happy volunteering.