Volunteer for Woodend Community Farmers’ Market

Saturday 5th October 2019

The Woodend Community Farmers’ Market is made possible by the generous support given by MRSG volunteers. To sign up please fill in the volunteer Form below.

If you have any queries please contact the action group leader, Robert Bruhn

Volunteer Form

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Morning set-up
Waste warrior (Cup washing)
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Time-slots taken / available

(Updated every 24 hrs)

Bring van to site :

1.     Ralf Thesing

Remove van from site :

1.     Robert Bruhn

Morning Set-up Between 7 and 9 am:

1.     Robert Bruhn (Lead)

2.     Ralf Thesing

3.     Anthony Montague

4.     Geoff Cumming

5.     Bradley Dean

WASTE WARRIOR (Cup washing) 9 - 11 am:

1.      Al Reid

WASTE WARRIOR (Cup washing) 11 am- 1 pm:

1.     Terrence Caelli


1.     Robert Bruhn (Lead)

2.     Bradley Dean

3.     Bruce Mildenhall

4.     Nea Gyorffy

5. Still available, please sign up

FM Setup Site Plan October 2019.jpg