About MRSG Youth

MRYAG is an action group created to help make a difference in our community ran by the next generation who want to make a real impact on our planet and it’s environment.

Our goals are to help rid the Macedon Ranges of waste, to educate the younger generation about pollution on our planet and address the growing climate change emergency we all face and finally to provide a young face for the Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group.

The actions we plan to take are walks on waste, small protests at Coles and Woolworths about their mini shops and overuse of plastic. We are also planning to propose more bike paths around the shire and equip more public places with solar panels. Lastly we are in the process of writing a letter (including a petition) to our council urging them to call a global climate emergency.

We will have an annual stall at the woodend market ran by MRSG and are also on Instagram with the handle @mrsg_youth. So please, follow us, come support us at the market and maybe even consider joining! ( if you’re between the ages of 10-18 ) for $1.