About Waste Action Group

Leadership Team

Lisa Richards - team leader

Nea Gyorffy

Sally Scanlan

Deb Howell

Bron Neill

Kellie Flanagan

Our Vision: To Reduce Waste and Litter. We want a cleaner, less wasteful world.

Our Mantra: Refuse, Reduce, Re-educate, Reuse, Repair, Recycle, Rot (everything else to Landfill)

Our Values: We are creators rather than consumers who see waste as a resource and buy only what we need.

We are a passionate and active group who work in partnership with many other organisations across the Ranges to achieve our goals. Our long term goals include:

  • A Container Deposit Scheme in Victoria.

  • End single-use plastics at Macedon Ranges events by 2020.

  • Behaviour and attitude change through education on waste streams, resource recovery and littering.

  • Carry out targeted actions to clean-up waste and litter.

  • Increase the number of water fountains in public spaces.

  • Increase the number of water fountains in public spaces and shopping centres by 2020.

  • End food waste in landfill: ALL food waste to go in kerbside collection from 2020.

Join the Waste Action Group (WAG) on waste@mrsg.org.au in reducing waste and litter in the Macedon Ranges.