Our vision.


Our vision is to create and nurture environmental, social, and economic sustainability throughout the Macedon Ranges Shire.

To do this we educate and assist our community to adopt lifestyle changes and engage in projects and activities designed to:

  • reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and our dependence on non-renewable sources of energy

  • minimise our ecological footprint through more effective waste management and recycling

  • secure a local food supply and promote sustainable agricultural practices

  • enjoy a more secure and prosperous future

As a not-for-profit, member-based organisation our activities include:

  • developing and promoting community-based renewable energy sources

  • organising and supporting local action groups and sustainability initiatives

  • promoting community awareness and action related to climate change and sustainability issues

  • supporting sustainable locally-based businesses

  • fostering links with other like-minded community groups

  • lobbying all levels of government in areas related to sustainability

The core of the Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group is the many, diverse action groups which carry out its vision. The role of the Committee is to support these action groups by providing the necessary governance, risk management, compliance, financial support including grant applications, and communications.