Volunteers - What to wear and bring on the day


Thank you for volunteering. Here are a few tips on how to make your day more enjoyable and perhaps safer too.

Wear clothing suitable for the day.

Work gloves.

  • Work gloves is a good idea regardless of the weather. We handle metal poles and tables with sharp corners, not to mention plastic chairs that can pinch your fingers.

Sturdy shoes.

  • Expect everything from dry to wet conditions.

Torch or headlight.

  • During the winter months the under croft is very dark.

Sun screen.

  • Summer is great but can also burn you to a crisp. Latest research says we can get a sunburn in even less sunlight than earlier thought.

Loose clothing such as scarfs.

  • We do not have rotating machinery, but it is always a good idea to NOT wear loose hanging clothes as you might get caught on something.

If in doubt, ask.

  • There are many seasoned volunteers at the markets. We would rather you ask one too many times than one too few.

Happy volunteering.