Repair Café - Woodend Neighbourhood House

Can we fix it?... Yes, we can with Woodend Repair Café!

Woodend Repair Café launched in 2018 with the aim of reducing the number of items thrown away in our community by helping each other repair them ♻️

Woodend Repair Café is open every Farmer's Market day (first Saturday of the month) and operates out of the Undercroft at the Woodend Neighbourhood House (access via gates by skate park)

What's on the menu at the Woodend Repair Café you ask? Everything from bicycles, to wooden furniture, small mechanical items, computers, clothing, and teddy bears needing some mending!

We'll be happy to have a go at most things except for 240-volt electrical items (generally things with a plug) for safety reasons 🔧

So, don't throw away that jumper with a tear or that chair with a wobbly leg; join our skilled volunteers who can teach you how to fix broken household items for free!

Come along and join in on the fix-it fun even if you don't think you have anything to repair at the time - anyone is welcome to drop in and stay for a cuppa ☕️

Woodend Repair Café services are free, but donations are welcomes to help cover costs 🙌

Have you got a skill to share? We'd love to hear from you!
Call the Woodend Neighbourhood House on 5427 1845 or jump online at

2019 Woodend Repair Café dates:
First Saturday of every month 10am - 1pm
🔨 Feburary 2
🔨 March 2
🔨 April 6
🔨 May 4
🔨 June 1
🔨 July 6
🔨 August 3
🔨 September 7
🔨 October 5
🔨 November 2